Where to Shop for Ethical Clothing, Shoes, & More

Over 200 ethical brands, including clothing for women and men, accessories, home care, beauty, and more.
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Bookmark this comprehensive list of ethical brands, boutiques, and marketplaces to use as a reference when you shop!

Items were selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Fair trade principles | Do they offer a living wage, higher-than-average wages, or transparent and improving wages?
  2. Sustainability | Do they offer products made with biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-polluting, and/or organic fibers and dye processes?
  3. Commitment to improvement | Have they shown a commitment to continue to improve their supply chain and business practices?
  4. Transparency | Are they willing to talk about their process and reveal the imperfect parts of their business?
  5. Aesthetic and Quality | Are their pieces worth the investment?

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Ethical + Sustainable Clothing



Secondhand Shops


Underwear + Socks

Men’s Items

Ethical + Sustainable Accessories


  • All Birds | Sustainably sourced wool sneakers

  • Bhava | Vegan, fashion foward shoes

  • Bourgeois Boheme | High end vegan shoes

  • Cardanas | Sweatshop free, simple sneakers (similar to Keds)

  • Darzah | Fine leather shoes featuring Palestinian tatreez embroidery

  • Deux Mains | Simple sandals, made in Haiti

  • Ethletic | Ethical sneakers from Europe

  • Etiko | Fair trade sneakers (Converse look-a-likes)

  • Everlane | Minimalist leather goods from Italy

  • Fortress of Inca | High end, trendy leather shoes

  • Kyrgies | Sustainable and ethical felted wool slippers for all

  • Mamahuhu | High quality, classic leather shoes for men and women

  • Mawu Lolo | Ethically made sandals

  • NICORA | Made in USA, vegan shoes

  • Nisolo | Classic, minimalist leather goods

  • OESH | 3-D printed sandals and shoes made in Charlottesville, VA

  • Oliberte | Fair trade certified leather shoes, made in Africa

  • Po-Zu | A full collection of sustainable shoes

  • Root Collective | Flats and boots made with traditional textiles and leather in Guatemala

  • Rothys | Washable flats made with recycled materials

  • Sole Rebels | Ethical flats and sandals for men and women

  • Veja | Ethical and eco-friendly sneakers




  • Warby Parker | One-for-One model, regulated factory

  • Retrospecced | Gently used and vintage frames with prescription lenses

Other Accessories

Ethical + Sustainable Home Goods



Bedding + Bedroom


Zero Waste

Ethical + Sustainable Beauty & Personal Care



That Time of the Month

Hair Coloring

Ethical + Sustainable Tech

  • Pela Case | Biodegradable and charitable phone cases

  • Nimble | Laptop and phone chargers and accessories made with recycled and natural materials

  • Fair Phone (Europe only) | A fair trade phone that can be upgraded and adapted

Subscription Boxes

  • GlobeIn | Global, fair trade housewares and personal care items

  • CauseBox | Women’s fair trade and charitable goods

  • Material World | A subscription box containing secondhand designer clothing and accessories

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