I know Leah Goren is old news in the blogging world; her cat dress was a favorite among fashion bloggers a couple years ago and her collaboration with Anthropologie made her designs even more accessible. We also share a first name, so I feel an affinity with her; Leahs need to stick together.

Though she’s been selling her original prints on etsy for years, it seems she’s just recently opened up a Society 6 shop, which makes it easy to put her ethereal and cheeky watercolors on your walls, your couch, your phone. And since Society 6 produces a good deal of its products in the USA and allows the artist to set her profit margins, it’s a pretty ethical way to shop.


leahgoren by fracturedradiance featuring throw pillows

Did you jump on the cat dress bandwagon a few years ago? The Anthro dress is still on ebay for ridiculous sums of money, so I guess people are still a bit obsessed.

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