12 months, 12 goals february wrap up

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Phew! I’m a little behind on the 12 Months, 12 Goals posts.

Last month was all about shopping local to save resources and support ethical retailers in my community. Since I stopped most unnecessary spending, it was pretty easy to meet my goal on accident! I purchased products at or perused:

  • Java Java, a fair trade, organic coffee shop, for coffee and house made treats
  • Paradox Pastry, a local patisserie, for a yummy chocolate croissant
  • Low Vintage, my favorite vintage shop in town
  • Ike’s Undergound, another local vintage shop
  • Trade, a local consignment store
  • Cafe Cubano, a downtown coffee shop that serves fair trade coffee
  • Aromas, a Mediterranean restaurant, for a delicious falafel wrap

And Daniel and I purchased two six packs of local cider to bring to various dinner engagements.

So, even though I failed to keep up with things here, it was a month of local love.

How did your month go? What goals were you trying to meet?

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