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When I added this top to my thredup cart, I thought it was black and white. Last night, when I opened my package in the dim light of the living room, I thought it was navy and white. This morning, in the bright spring light, I realized it was navy and robin’s egg blue!

I had trouble rationalizing another black and white top in my wardrobe anyway, so this was a pleasant surprise. Add that to the beautiful weather we had today and the lovely customers I got to chat with at work and it was an all around thrilling day to be alive.

Since my first thredup order finally arrived (this week’s winter storm caused delays), I thought I’d quickly review it in this post. Everything fits well and looks even better in person. One of the main flaws of the thredup site is that the pictures tend to be overexposed, so I was quite happy to see vibrant, rich colors and fabric in excellent condition. I’m quite pleased and will be shopping there again (and maybe exclusively – jeez, they should pay me for this).

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top – secondhand Gap via thredup
  • Jeans – Levi’s
  • Jacket – Gap
  • Shoes – Asos
  • Earrings – handmade via etsy

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3 thoughts on “the moral wardrobe: pleasant surprises

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  2. Yay for happy surprises! I got my first order with ThredUp this week and was so pleased with everything I ordered for my boys. I also ordered two pairs of jeans for me, and one worked and one didn't. I agree that their pictures are not the most flattering, and it's sometimes hard to tell how the jeans fit, just based on the pictures. I sent back my bag yesterday, so I hope they get it soon. I also sent back the paper tags, since I don't have any use for them. Hopefully they can recycle them!

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