spring favorites


springfaves by fracturedradiance featuring flat shoes

I’m ready for novelty print sundresses, swingy skirts, and breathable flats. It’s funny how much the weather can affect style preferences. This stuff looks so cutesy in comparison to my fall wardrobe.

Desired wardrobe updates for spring include:

  • Sunflower Dress from Francesca’s Collections, made in USA (I get to wear this dress in the fashion show this weekend!)
  • Blogging Merit Badge from the Boy Scout Store
  • Loly in the Sky Flats, handmade in Mexico
  • Mata Traders House Print Dress, fair trade
  • American Apparel Strappy Flats
  • Seamly.co Skirt

I like the idea of creating virtual capsule collections of things I like for each season. It helps me narrow down my tastes and perceived needs. What have you had your eye on?

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