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favorites by fracturedradiance featuring a blue cardigan

Remember how I used to draw my monthly favorites? I ran out of drawing paper and didn’t bother to buy another pad, so I temporarily removed this feature. But polyvore is also a great medium for product lists and its styleboards are shoppable, which makes life easier for me by ensuring proper credit is given to the companies and retailers that sell listed products.

It’s been quite hot in Charlottesville, but last night’s rain brought cooler temperatures, which means I can wear the cute varsity cardigan my friend gave me earlier this week! Other recent favorites include Mel by Melissa jelly sandals, a domestically produced eye ring, an upcycled vintage dress by ASOS, Leah Goren’s Girls tote (I bought one with slight imperfections for half price!), and pretty purple eyeshadow from Clinique.

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2 thoughts on “may favorites

  1. Thanks! It's called Asos Green Room. Just type Green Room in the search box on their website and it'll take you there!

  2. Beautiful picks, Leah! I especially love the dress (hooray for upcycling!!) and the eye bracelet! I actually didn't know ASOS dealed with upcycled/vintage clothing! I'll have to check that out! Is there a certain section for it or is it all mixed in? <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

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