American Apparel Founder Fired

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Dov Charney was fired from American Apparel last night. Hopefully the brand can move to a cleaner, less sexualized aesthetic that appeals to a wider market. I’ve often thought that American Apparel was targeting too small an audience with marketing photos that are reminiscent of ’70s porn. Maybe we could see the same unretouched models doing a variety of tasks that don’t require looking sensuous?

American Apparel has always been about a lifestyle, and aspects of that lifestyle currently feel far from fashionable. All that is left, now, are the tops and skirts and lurex-covered leggings, and a company left distancing itself from its founder as it tries to retain some of its sheen.

Read more at The Guardian.

3 thoughts on “American Apparel Founder Fired

  1. well, that's the funny thing. Most of their stuff is very basic and most anyone could wear it, but their branding to date has been really exclusionary. I like their basic shirts and accessories, but I've never liked their image.

  2. I read that article. I never felt like I could shop there because the clothing was so far removed from anything I could even begin to wear.

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