sseko designs’ fall footwear

I bought my first pair of Sseko sandals earlier this year and wore them all through the summer. Their model is great because it provides both jobs and scholarships to Ugandan women. And the quality and community can’t be beat. I wrote about them in more detail here
I got early access to the fall lookbook a couple months ago and flipped out when I realized they were coming out with loafers! I waited and waited and they’re finally available online. The price is steep when you’re used to thrifting, but they’re made of quality materials sourced at fair prices from Ethiopia.
When it comes to conscientious consumerism, leather goods are a tricky subject. I’m not a vegetarian, though I don’t typically eat meat at home, but leather production requires a rather inefficient use of resources. On the other hand, leather goods can withstand years of use and abuse, which makes them a good choice when you’re trying to buy smarter. Buying from a small scale production line is a middle ground I’m ok with.
I haven’t gotten my pair in the mail yet, but I’ll review them in a post as soon as I can. Click the links below the photo collage to browse.

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