my jewelry collection

In middle school, I decided I should only wear one piece of jewelry at a time and I still believe less is more. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I have a fairly large collection of pieces that get their moment to shine periodically.

My current favorites include gold and brass items, geometric designs, and the occasional animal-inspired piece. The locket necklace above has a real, sustainably harvested butterfly wing fragment inside.

4 thoughts on “my jewelry collection

  1. That's wonderful that you have family heirloom pieces in your collection. My grandma used to collect jewelry for resale and she gave my sister and I several pieces when she retired.

  2. You have an incredible collection! I'm the same way-with jewelry and accessories I tend to think less is more and I have a jewelry collection made up of a lot of vintage pieces from my great-grandmothers I hold close to my heart!

  3. I love seeing pictures of other people's jewelry! I'm the same way and stick to simple pieces, too. Your little elephant charm is adorable.

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