the moral wardrobe: winter weight

Outfit Details: Top – vintage; Skirt – thrifted; Socks – J. Crew; Boots – old Target
As a former Floridian, I wasn’t really convinced that I’d need actual winter garments to withstand the colder months. But after just barely getting through two Charlottesville winters (which I hear are pretty mild by nearly everyone’s standards), I’m a believer in seasonal attire! I’ve stocked up on sweaters and thick socks and recently added this wool blend skirt to the mix. It’s nice to feel warm with minimal effort!
This is one of those outfits that really feels like me. Everything’s comfortable and fits well. It’s a bit of a vintage silhouette with modern print mixing and fairly edgy boots. Eclectic and well made.


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2 thoughts on “the moral wardrobe: winter weight

  1. That outfit is warm, without looking bulky, how lovely! I was curious to see the kind of weather you're talking about so I looked it up – yep, that's a mild winter, alright 🙂

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