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It’s about time for a new pair of glasses, so I went ahead and ordered a free home try-on from online glasses company, Warby Parker. While not strictly fair trade (there’s not a lot said about production standards), they work with non-profits to help sustain vision care programs in developing countries rather than merely giving some free stuff to people in need. It’s actually rather thoughtful; you can read more about it here.

I really just wanted to try on the clear acrylic frames, so I let them fill the rest of the box up for me. The top left image is me with the glasses I already own. I organized the rest from worst to best (starting from the top middle image). I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me on the order.

Ames in Whiskey Tortoise: 

These have the remarkable quality of making me look cross-eyed. They’re also gigantic. No.

Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise:

Not bad, but kind of gigantic. They swallow my face.

Burke in Tennessee Whiskey:

Just so BIG. Why!? I like the fade effect, though.

Marshall in Rum Cherry:

I would really like these if they didn’t angle down on the ends. The line is a bit too ’80s for my taste.

Coley in Crystal:

I really like these, but then again, they’re the reason I ordered the home try-on. They fit the angle and shape of my face well and draw attention to my eyes instead of my glasses. They fit a bit too tight at the temples, however, so they may be a no go.

Overall, my Warby Parker home try-on was, um, an interesting experience. Better luck next time, I guess.


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2 thoughts on “warby parker home try-on

  1. It is tricky, especially since glasses are quite the trend item right now. I tend to keep my glasses for at least a couple of years before replacing them, but having ones that strike me as stylish are important since my eyes are too dry to wear contacts.

  2. The last pair looks super on you! All of these are nice, but I see what you mean about gigantic frames. Good luck with finding the right pair. I lost my main pair of glasses so I'm on the hunt for new ones too. It tricky finding the right balance between aesthetics and comfort, isn't it?

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