brand: Mamafrica (needs your help)

Mamafrica Designs is a fair trade company that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo and co-founded by a Bukavu, DRC native, their specific goal is to reach out to internally displaced women and provide both short term employment and long term skills. They believe in helping women take charge of their futures and care for their families. In addition to selling handmade goods, Mamafrica relies on donors to help implement higher budget goals, like sending a woman back to school to receive a high school education and covering medical costs.

This is the type of program that I really believe in. In much the same way as Sseko, Mamafrica seeks to empower women rather than hold them in a permanent state of making knick-knacks for American consumers (though there’s nothing wrong with working in manufacturing if that’s what you enjoy). We can help women provide for their families in the short term, but we also know that our contributions help DRC organizers provide well-rounded programs and a positive environment that gets people back on their feet and allows them to make progress on their personal goals.

kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for a second location in Bukavu. They’re seeking $7,000 to hire 40 new women, offer community assistance in a high need area, and provide long-term financial assistance to associated families. Please consider donating or spreading the word this Holiday season. If you’re looking for Holiday gifts, check out their online shop.

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