illustrated favorites: january

It’s been a looong time since I seriously doodled. So long that I can’t remember the last time I posted an Illustrated Favorites feature. This month, I’ve been really into mid rise, dark wash jeans; my new People Tree checked tunic; the Save the Bees tee I purchased on etsy with a gift card; the Manos Zapotecas bag I reviewed (and then purchased; shhh!); printed socks; my thrifted Tommy Hilfiger striped cardigan, The Body Shop’s lip stain; and my thrifted scarf.
I’ve also been hunting for a good deal on leather t-strap flats and an American Apparel cropped sweater when I’m not reading The Places In Between by Rory Stewart. 
This winter hasn’t been as emotionally burdensome as the last one, but I’m still affected by the weather and it often shows itself in frustration and rage over tiny things. It’s upsetting because I know I need to work out ways to deal with my mood, but it’s easier to just make up excuses.

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