the moral wardrobe: frolicking in snow

Ethical Details: Coat – thrifted; Tunic – People Tree; Leggings – old; Gloves – American Apparel; Vest – thrifted; Boots – thrifted

Another snow day. You know, it’s nice to be able to take midday outfit pictures since I’m off work, but it’s unsettling to miss so many days. Weather makes a big impact on sales, so I’d like to ask the winter to deal with us more gently. Make it warm, please.

I don’t love playing in snow, but forcing myself to act a bit peppier lifted my spirits. My red rain boots are turning out to be the best $3.50 ever spent at the thrift store. In retrospect, I wish I’d spent even more time outside and less time obsessing over the black/blue, white/gold dress controversy. I can’t even bring myself to link that for you because I never want to think about it again.

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  • Haha! I love how silly everyone got over that dress, myself included. Speaking of dresses, that tunic is great. I need more People Tree in my life — I really love their stuff and their ethics.

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