the moral wardrobe: after the storm

Ethical Details: Top – thrifted; Skirt – secondhand via ebay; Sandals – thrifted; Earrings – handmade by Hannah Naomi via Ash & Rose
Man, the past couple of weeks have been rough. So much being-a-grown-up required at every turn. Difficulties at work, last minute deadlines, flights to schedule, complicated talks with the duplex mates. It’s one thing after another. When it all piles up at once like this, I often do two things: shop and have a crisis of self esteem. Though, as expected, these things did happen, I managed them a little better. Instead of spending money on fast fashion (or even slow fashion), I bought myself some Chik-Fil-A and got a hair cut. Instead of angrily picking my pimples, I put on a little extra makeup and got on with the week. I’m trying to go easy on myself without throwing in the towel and it’s helped immensely to just simplify my routine and put on things that make me feel comfortable.
I know I’ve been an adult for several years now, but 26 has been the transformative year of actually feeling like one. It’s not always good, but I am managing. And I think, more than anything, it’s the confidence that I can manage it that makes me feel grown up.

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  • Thanks! It was so thrown together I wasn't sure if it was good enough to blog about. Things were better this week and I will be visiting loved ones next week, so I think that will help things settle down.

  • too true. Making every decision for myself is both liberating and terrifying.

  • I love this outfit and the yellow cardigan is such a pretty color. I hope you're feeling better soon and things aren't so stressful. I try to spoil myself a little when things are rough, too.

  • besides being allowed to decide your own bedtime, and eat as many sweets as you like, sometimes adulthood loses its appeal! hair cuts are always a great idea!

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