trade in your madewell graphic tees for this one from KK Intl. x Ugmonk

I consider graphic tees a staple item, but I only wear them on days when the dress code calls for extremely casual, like when I’m cleaning out my closets or dusting blinds. If I’m going to wear one, I want it to say something that matters to me. With the prevalence of inane graphic tops that say things like “Saturdays and Sundays” and “Oui,” we might as well balance it out with something a little more weighty. You can love weekend getaways to France and still be a deep thinker, right?

Krochet Kids teamed up with graphic designer, Ugmonk, to offer a limited edition range of t-shirts and prints that broadcast an important message: 

“Behind every product is a person.”

Krochet Kids‘ products are signed by the individual who made the item and all employees receive a living wage and access to medical care and educational resources. 
Ugmonk collaboration products were made at Krochet Kids’ manufacturing facility in Peru. This tee would look great beside my Who made your clothes? tee from Fashion Revolution Day 2014.
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Do you like graphic tees? Do you recommend any other ethically produced tees with ethical messages?

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