the moral wardrobe: daytime pajamas

Ethical Details: Top – Everlane; Pants – thredup
Increasingly, I get the hankering to change into my cozy PJ pants as soon as I get home. I was never a fan of super informal wear when I was in school because I didn’t want to feel weird asking a professor a question after class wearing a sports bra or candy corn patterned, unflatteringly droopy sleepwear. But if I’m just sitting at home, why the heck not?
This outfit was the result of not taking a shower until 5 pm on Saturday. Since our plans consisted of watching a movie at home with friends, I opted for something super casual. As I mentioned in my Everlane review post, this box cut tee barely sees the light of day because I can’t figure out how to style it in a way that feels me, but it worked just fine for a night in. 
I’ll be officially starting my capsule at the beginning of September – still have a few kinks to work out – but I’ll be sharing mix and match outfit ideas in the next week or so. 

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