Krochet Kids’ “What’s It Worth?” Initiative

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What is knowing who made your clothes and accessories worth to you?

Krochet Kids is a leader in the transparent manufacturing movement with their strong emphasis on the human element behind every product (they created the #knowwhomadeit hashtag), and they’re amping up the conversation for the next 24 hours with their What’s It Worth? Initiative.

From the press release:

The “What’s it Worth?” initiative will last for 24 hours (Wednesday, September 30th at 9am PT through Thursday, October 1st at 9am PT) and shoppers will be able to name their price on a selection of products including headwear, bags, apparel, and accessories for both men and women. KK intl. hopes to accelerate the conversation surrounding transparency and social impact by asking supporters to name their price and consider what knowing who made their product is worth to them.

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It’s not clear to me exactly how the pricing structure will work since as of my writing this the initiative hasn’t begun, but it’s a thought provoking move. To really have to think about what something is worth rather than just stewing over what I can afford forces me to stop thinking about myself for a second. Textile manufacturing is difficult, skilled labor. If I were doing it myself, I know what I’d deserve to get paid. Maybe I should work harder to see the garments I buy for the work, and the people, behind them.

Sure, recognizing the true value of something makes it a heck of lot more expensive, but it also makes it mean something to everyone involved. And if we’re not striving to live with meaning, then what exactly are we striving for?

Let me know if you buy anything through the special event today! I’m curious to see how it goes.


Read FAQ on the initiative here. Shop Krochet Kids’ What’s It Worth? sale here.

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