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the moral wardrobe: oldies

Ethical Details: Top – made in USA; Dress – old; Shoes – Sseko Designs c/o Made Fair
Sometimes the most ethical thing you can do for your wardrobe is wear out your old things. I bought this dress at H&M a few years ago on a trip to Richmond with a friend. At the time, I was impressed with H&M’s corporate social responsibility report and thought they’d be a good option for ethical goods. My opinion has changed over the years – fast fashion is unsustainable regardless of how well-intentioned your policies are – but I am pleased to see that H&M is starting to make jeans out of recycled materials and plans to use organic cotton for all its cotton goods within 5 years. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. 
I’ve been spending a huge amount of time at work preparing for and implementing our seasonal switchover to fall-appropriate clothing. Lots of physical labor. But it’s pretty much done now and I’m excited to have more time to enjoy the cooler weather and maybe stop by a nearby sunflower field in the next couple of weeks.

A note on the camera: my parents sent me back from my recent visit with my old Polaroid camera, so I bought myself some film and tried it out! It still works just fine and it made a nice prop for this photo shoot. Maybe I should hold more things in my hands when I take outfit photos. It makes me feel like I have a purpose.

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  1. It's so sad to think that someone made something that we would only bother to wear 7 times. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well some of my fast fashion things hold up.

  2. I completely agree about wearing things out, especially if they aren't exactly conscious. I wore an outfit the other day that featured a tank top and sorry that I've owned for nine years. It makes me feel good to know that even if I didn't always purchase consciously, I have always bought clothes with longevity of wear in mind. I read on Zady the other day that people nowadays wear an item an average of seven times before getting rid of it. Isn't that insane?!

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