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the moral wardrobe: thrift score

Ethical Details: Top – thrifted; Dress (worn as skirt) – c/o Synergy Organic Clothing; Necklace – c/o Bought Beautifully; Boots – thrifted Sam Edelman

I always take a final lap around the thrift store before checking out just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It was my lucky day a couple months ago at Valley Thrift in Cincinnati, because the final lap revealed a practically new pair of Sam Edelman Petty Booties (retail price: $140.00) for $4.00! I’m pretty sure the shop attendant who priced them didn’t realize what they had, because they aren’t shy about pricing nice things in the $10-20 range at least.

They’re a perfect fit and really comfortable despite having such a low toe box and angled toe. I like that they’re an alternative to ballet flats and a great option under flared jeans. I know bloggers have been raving about this style for awhile now, but I don’t put much stock in the opinions of people who actually like wearing heels – I just assume that everything they wear is uncomfortable – but these are awesome. If you like this style, maybe try your luck on ebay?

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  1. Thanks. I love them. I don't mind when people haggle with me on larger items at the thrift shop where I work; sometimes I put a price on something knowing that there will need to be some wiggle room, but I know that's not true for all shops. Getting resale value just right is hard sometimes, though, so I think it would be wise for charity shops (especially the ones prone to overpricing here in the US) to consider a range of acceptable sale prices.

  2. brilliant score on the boots, they were the first thing i noticed. and nice to have a good pair of shoe/boot going into the colder weather – such a handy pair. sometimes I too will remark that 'I cant believe that I got this ____ for ____' (generally when its something I value) however by the same token, I would never haggle in a charity shop, if thats their price thats their price – so if i score a bargain, well happy days

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