the moral wardrobe: wearing sunshine

Ethical Details:
Top – thrifted; Cardigan – J. Crew Warehouse; Boots – thrifted
These photos were taken a couple weeks ago, but it might as well be today. Last week felt like summer with a warm, moist breeze and temps in the high 70s, but we’re back to reality now and the sunshine is on a break again. I love this cardigan because it’s abrasively bright. If it glows this much during cloud cover, imagine how bright it looks on a sunny day! I realized about halfway through my first winter here that everyone’s typical black and gray uniform was not going to work for me. If I can’t see the sun, I want to wear something bright to cheer me up. 
Speaking of bright, I bought some very red henna and am planning on dyeing my hair again within the next few days. I’m also thinking about growing it out! 

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