the ethical closet: spring closet update

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Though I swore off doing a rigid capsule wardrobe last fall, I’m finding that my personal taste is narrowing in on particular colors and silhouettes that work well together anyway, and that things inadvertently look a bit capsule-y around here.

I used to find simplicity unbearable, but I’m learning that a well-cut garment that fits me correctly can be more beautiful than an unusual print or style. This season, I’ve updated my closet with a few things that will carry me through summer and into fall. I love knowing that what I’m buying can be worn for months and even years and still look good. Some of my pieces have become like security blankets, things I can fall back on when I’m not up to the task of putting together a complicated look.


(clockwise from top left) 

1. Mata Traders Here and There Dress via MadeFAIR, $64.99

It’s not spring without Mata Traders! I was thrilled when the brand introduced cotton jersey to their collection last year, but the colors didn’t quite work with my complexion. I’m loving this red for spring and summer. Hand block printed, fairly made in India.

2. National Picnic Organic Cotton Skirt via MadeFAIR, $59.99

I didn’t purchase this particular skirt, but the style and print are what I look for in spring skirts. I always hit up the thrift stores for vintage midi skirts and recently found a polka dot chambray one at the shop where I work. I’ll be featuring National Picnic on the blog soon, so make sure to come back and learn about the brand. Organic cotton, handmade in the USA.

3. Sseko Designs’ D’orsay Flat in Caramel, $89.99

I have poor circulation in my toes, which leaves them feeling cold even when the weather’s warm, so I’m betting on these beautiful flats to keep my feet comfortable. The style is perfect for both casual and more formal looks, so I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them. Leather sourced from small scale meat industry, fairly made in Ethiopia.

4. Everlane Micro Striped Tee, $18.00

I love Everlane’s new pima tees and I can’t wait for this one to arrive in the mail. I plan on pairing this subtle pattern with my printed vintage skirts. Milled and ethically made in Los Angeles.

5. Jean Jacket via thredUP, purchased with store credit

I’ve had this jacket since early fall, but I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it all spring. As I explained here, it looks like denim, but it’s actually a woven, stretch cotton, so it’s super comfortable. Secondhand.

6. Teva Sandals via thredUP, purchased with store credit

These aren’t an exact version of the pair I purchased, but I’m glad I took the plunge into slightly ugly footwear, because these are quite comfortable and fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Check out ebay for a better selection of secondhand Tevas. Secondhand.

What are your spring picks? I’d love to know about new ethical brands you’ve discovered recently, as well.

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7 thoughts

  1. The crop top with high waist shorts thing is adorable. I have one crop top, but it's made from a rayon, I think, so not very breathable for summer.

  2. We're in the UK so it's fascinating to read all about brands we hadn't heard of before. Thank goodness for international shipping! (We also have an increasing number of customers in the USA so I guess it's not just us being grateful for international shipping ;-))

  3. I have very similar Tevas, which I broke down and bought last year due to an injury and they are super comfy. So far this year I've bought a pair of Insecta cut-out oxfords for spring. I am looking at a Matt & Nat cross-body, some Make It Good dresses and some Mary Meyer dresses for this summer but so far that's about it.

  4. I enjoyed the post, Leah!So far this spring I have made a couple purchases. A chic black and white cross body mini bucket bag from Matt & Nat, one of my favorite vegan companies. A pair of simple black high waisted shorts from Animal Behavior (definitely check them out if you're not already familiar). And an adorable passport/travel documents holder from Apple & Bee that I got through Poshmark. The bucket bag will be great for summer date nights, and the shorts are fantastic with all my crop tops and more (I really love the high waist/crop top trend).

  5. Great post Leah! We are so excited for spring weather to get here and stay for awhile. A great bandana or square scarf is great for a spring wardrobe and can also help transition into the next season.You can find a lot of colorful, handmade options over on our site:

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