Review: Calypso Glow Ethically Sourced Body Care

It can be exhaustingly difficult for beauty and body care companies to ensure that all products were sourced with the environment and worker welfare in mind, especially traditional drugstore brands that incorporate dozens of ingredients into a single product. But even companies with an eco or ethical stance have to work hard to trace their ingredient sourcing.

Calypso Glow, which specializes in Caribbean-inspired organic skincare, is dedicated to this process, communicating regularly with the farms where they source their ingredients and, more recently, working with the St Lucian Agricultural Department’s Coconut Platform:

The St Lucian Agricultural Department’s Coconut Platform [is] a network supporting local farmers through training and access to distribution channels, ensuring fair pay and sustainable plans for growth. We are also making new connections with a grass roots women’s farming cooperative in St Lucia, helping to empower and sustain their small businesses, so that they can provide for their children’s education and long-term livelihoods. These activities take time to develop but we’re thrilled to be taking these steps towards meaning social impact.

Patricia from Calypso Glow kindly sent me several items from their current collection to review, including the Lemongrass Moisture Rich Body Oil, which they just debuted this season. 

My skin is finicky when it comes to skincare. I started using organic and all natural skincare products years before I adopted a more ethical stance toward consumption because my skin had become intolerant to nearly all conventional products, even those marketed for sensitive skin.

That being said, just because something is natural doesn’t make it suitable for sensitive skin – getting the correct balance of highly potent ingredients is essential – so I used these products with caution.

So far, I’ve incorporated the Body Oil and Coconut Water Enriching Body Bar into my regular routine. I add some body oil to my Whole Foods lotion in the evenings and apply it to my face. I’ve noticed that the skin under my eyes looks more nourished and supple, smoothing out the fine lines that are starting to appear there (too much smiling, I suppose…JK).

The body bars are sealed in compostable packaging – which is awesome – and contain exfoliating granules (shredded coconut and sand) which, while convenient for a quick shower, means I can’t use my natural shower sponge without damaging it (I learned that the hard way from a previous bar of soap).

The ingredients are simple: coconut oil, algae extract, essential oils, olive oil, grated coconut. It makes it easy to check the list for anything your skin might be sensitive to.

Based on my preliminary testing and research into the brand, I would highly recommend Calypso Glow products, particularly their body oil. The price point seemed high to me at first, but I only need to use a small pump of it each night, so it’s bound to last me a long time.

Shop Calypso Glow here. 


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