Sotela: The last dress you’ll ever need, now on Kickstarter

I’ve known Hanna for a few years now, both through her former blog, Gold Polka Dots, and through our mutual membership in the Ethical Writers Coalition. Hanna is compassionate, intelligent, and thoughtful. And now – with the launch of her Kickstarter campaign – she’s a sustainable business owner and awesome entrepreneur!

Sotela aims to solve the what to wear conundrum by offering a range of garments that look great and fit regardless of hormonal or seasonal weight and size fluctuations. I love this concept, 1. because it’s truly sustainable in that you don’t have to buy something new when your size changes, and 2. because it graciously acknowledges regular weight gain and body insecurity. It reminds women that our value isn’t determined by how our clothes fit.

I’ll let the official press release give you a bit more info about the company and Kickstarter launch:

Sizes may change, but your style doesn’t have to. 

Sotela, a

new California-based fashion brand, is solving the “nothing fits” dilemma with its debut collection

of essential dresses that span multiple sizes, now available for preorder on

My favorite silhouette, the Cocoon Dress

The brand, conceptualized in 2015, designed a collection of three dresses that span multiple

sizes, eliminating time wasted searching for an outfit that fits. Size 1 ranges from 0-6 and size 2

from 8-12.

Never compromising ethics over style: each piece in the Sotela collection is eco-

friendly, and features fabrics such as tencel and modal – sustainable fabrics known for their

breathability and softness. All Sotela pieces are also locally made in the United States.

Sotela founder, Hanna Baror-Padilla, recognized the need for a dynamic clothing brand for

women, as well as the lack of options currently available at major retailers.

“Like most women, I’ve struggled with weight fluctuations that have made fitting into my regular

clothing a chore. I know first-hand how insecure you can feel when your clothes don’t fit the way

the way you remembered.”

“I created Sotela because I believe we should be able to reach into

our closets and have multiple pieces that will always fit, and better yet, make us feel beautiful.” 

Sotela’s debut dress collection is available for preorder on Kickstarter through June 9, 2016.

Once the campaign reaches its fundraising goal of $15,000, funding and manufacturing will

begin for “The Last Dress You’ll Ever Need.”


I am really enjoying watching wonderful women in this community come into their own and change the world in the process.

Also, check out fellow EWC member, Kamea Chayne’s, new book, Thrive: An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Guide to Better Health and True Wealth, now available on Amazon!

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  1. Seriously digging Sotela's simple yet elegant pieces as well 🙂 And thanks for the s/o, Leah! xx

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