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Pinning Down My Style & Shopping Less

I like spending money on things.

That’s probably not unusual, but it’s very difficult for me to set aside anything I deem extra money for a rainy day when I could go buy a new fair trade dress or check out what the local thrift shop got in this week. It’s not as though I have an overspending problem, it’s simply that I buy too many things I don’t need, or even particularly want.

I’ve found that the best way to avoid the shopping itch is to spend my time far far away from a store or computer. But since that’s not always practical, I also find a lot of enjoyment in seeking out images and representations of my aesthetic and work on curating that instead of my literal wardrobe.

A couple weeks ago, I printed off Caroline’s Capsule Wardrobe Planner booklet. I don’t practice a Capsule Wardrobe and I don’t plan on starting one up again, but I liked the way she broke down wardrobe creation into sections based on lifestyle, habits, and personal preferences.

Listing out what I love versus what I don’t love in my current wardrobe was a sort of Duh! moment that helped me realize, 1. I already have everything I really want and 2. obviously I should not buy silhouettes and colors that I don’t feel good in, even if they look fine on me. I might experiment with interesting color stories and vintage silhouettes, but there are just some things I won’t wear. It’s about time I learn that about myself.

For visualizing my style, I rely on Pinterest boards organized by season. As you can see from my Spring/Summer board below, I’m drawn to stripes, midi skirts, mid-wash denim, and minimalist flat shoes when the weather’s warm. The images are remarkably consistent, aren’t they?

Makes me wonder why I think I don’t have a consistent, personal style.



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Lerry G Leone

Sunday 24th of July 2016

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