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National Picnic’s American-Made Dress Makes Total Transparency Possible

Betsy, designer, head seamstress, and owner of American-made clothing brand, National Picnic, is one of those people who, through her honesty, thoughtfulness, and gumption about the work that she pursues, makes you aspire to the same traits in your own life and work. 
I own the popular sundress from National Picnic’s summer collection and can attest to the quality and design of her garments, so I’m thrilled that she’s decided to make her best selling item, a sweatshirt-weight dress for cooler months, out of American-sourced fabric from North Carolina and expand her production into American factories located in Pennsylvania. I like the versatility of the design, too, and plan on getting one in the near future. 

From the press release:

Designer Betsy Cook sews most of the clothing for her small-batch clothing brand, National Picnic. She recently began selling dresses made from sweatshirt fabric and found herself making them as fast possible, to keep up with customer demand. The storm of interest caused her to quickly launch The American-Made Dress Project, a Kickstarter campaign that scales up production of the dresses and sharpens the focus on the company’s domestic identity. 

“Keeping the dress as American-made as possible keeps my customers happy,” Cook says. “Fans of my brand care about where their clothing comes from and how it is made, so my business’s growth should be growth they can feel good about.” The dress is made from organic cotton and recycled poly fabric, giving it sustainability appeal that also resonates with her customers. 

The sweatshirt fleece comes from a company that mills in North Carolina, using organic cotton sources in Texas. A contractor in Allentown, Pennsylvania is a potential factory to help with the sewing. These vendors both require minimum size orders to work with them. Their minimums helped determine the goal of the campaign: approximately 100 dresses sold through pledges on Kickstarter. 100 dresses is not a limit, the project has the ability to scale with demand. 

“With the involvement of these additional vendors, this particular dress has the potential to keep more fashion industry dollars circulating around American businesses than if I took production overseas, and it generates more work for people in several regions of the United States,” Cook says. “Besides all that, it’s a ridiculously comfortable dress that many women already love wearing.”

With only one week left to go, Betsy needs your help to successfully complete her kickstarter.


Get your own American Made Dress by supporting the campaign.

I was not compensated to write this post! I just believe in the project.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.