The Moral Wardrobe: The $2.99 Plaid Dress

Ethical Details: Dress – thrifted; Jacket – secondhand via Thredup; Shoes – Frye
I’d been eyeing a plaid linen dress from Pyne & Smith Clothiers over the last several weeks, but I couldn’t justify buying a summer-weight dress in October, especially one that costs over $100. Then, on Saturday, I dropped Daniel off at a friend’s house and decided to stop by Salvation Army for a look around before heading home. 
I hit the jackpot! Not only did I find this dress in an all-season plaid with adorable front pockets, I found high waist, acid wash jeans that fit me like a glove and two longer length vintage skirts that will be great for winter. I even got a groovy, ’60s inspired chair to add to my library for $14.99. It was thrilling. 
I normally don’t have this much luck at thrift shops, but I’ve found that it’s worth it to stop in every once in awhile with a mental list of the silhouettes and colors I’m looking for just in case. The trick is to always try things on and check very carefully for stains before purchasing. 
I’m continually amused by the fact that I go thrift shopping on my days off from thrift shop management. Just can’t get enough. 

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