A Few New Blog Features

You probably noticed that I updated my blog layout a couple months ago. I’m really happy with the flexibility, feature options, and clean layout.

I was able to add a few things to the site to make it more navigable and I wanted to make sure you noticed them.

1. Drop-Down Topics Menu

If you hover your mouse over Topics in the top menu of the blog, you’ll see a drop-down list with blog post categories to choose from. I’m still working on tagging all my posts appropriately, but now it should be much easier to read posts by format.

2. Drop-Down Shopping Directory

Search ethical shops and brands by category using the Shopping Directory list in the top menu of the blog.

3. What Is Ethical? Terms + Definitions Page

I adapted my original What is Ethical? post to create a page with pertinent definitions for your perusal. Ethical bloggers often use the basic terms of our field in different ways, so it’s helpful to know how I’m interpreting words like “ethical” and “susainable.”

4. Search

Click on the magnifying glass located on the far right of the top menu to search by keyword or topic.

5. Media Kit

My Media Kit now has a dedicated page, accessible through the Work With Me tab in the top menu. Readers and brands alike are welcome to peruse it.

6. Privacy and Affiliate Linking Policies

Read the fine print here or scroll down to the very bottom of the site and click the link to redirect to the page.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the site!

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