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This post was sponsored by Fibre Athletics and I was provided an item for review.

For Athletes and Non-Athletes alike…

It seems to me that there’s a false dichotomy between those who “exercise” and those who do not. Sure, you have people who get up to run 6 miles at 5 am and those who prefer to sleep in, but by categorizing certain people as the “type who exercise,” I think we run the risk of discounting the physical labor of those who don’t exercise as a hobby.

This may be verging into heavy territory, but some people don’t have the means, the time, or the energy to lace up their running shoes, put on their exercise gear, and get going. Case in point: I used to work a 40 hour/week manual labor job. The company implemented a policy whereby you could get a discount on your health insurance if you walked around the complex during lunchtime. The customer service folks, who spent the day in chairs, were gung-ho about it and went on their merry way. Those of us who’d already been standing in one place or running around the warehouse for 5 hours, however, needed the lunch break to rest.

We were exercising the whole time, but our labor didn’t count when it mattered.

Ethical Details: Everywhere Jacket – c/o Fibre Athletics; Denim – old, redyed; Sneakers – AllBirds

My point is that we should recognize and celebrate movement, no matter what it looks like, whether it’s scheduled or not. It can look different for each of us and that’s ok.

Fibre Athletics offers versatile athletic apparel that a range of “athletes” can take advantage of. Take, for instance, the product description for the Everywhere Jacket:

WHEN TO WEAR IT : Biking the streets, cozying up on the plane ride, being a boss, hitting up yoga, walking the dog, happy hour at the local spot, morning hikes, movies in the park…or on the couch, late night jogs, traversing new cities, and perusing the internet at your favorite café.

The crew at Fibre Athletics gets that clothes should be inclusive and versatile. This generous ethos expands to their production standards, as well. They have specific commitments to fair trade labor standards, upcycled and sustainable textile sourcing, low impact dyes, and innovative design. Learn more here.

The Everywhere Jacket was made from start to finish in the US using US-grown and milled cotton fleece. Currently, you can order it in sizes Small to Extra Large, though do note that sizing runs slightly small (I have a 34″ bust and wear a Medium). Given its impeccable design (the contoured seams are beautiful), partially adjustable hood, and fabric quality, the $180.00 price tag is well worth it (worth saving up for).

In addition to high production standards, Fibre Athletics supports a few key nonprofits: The Eden Projects, which provides job training and plants trees in deforested regions, and CARA, which assists homeless and impoverished individuals in job preparation and retention.

I’m so happy to be able to support domestic companies that are deeply committed to ethics at every step of their supply chain.


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