Love Mert: Carry Your Heart on Your Pouch

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Love is in the air…

I was a shy kid who didn’t date, at all really. I gave out the obligatory Valentine’s Day cards in elementary school and daydreamed about the boys I liked professing their love for me through middle school. That never happened, so by high school I was sort of burnt out on Valentine’s Day. Without the romance, it’s just an awkward, brooding, excruciating 24 hours.

Junior year, I decided to make a change. I wrapped up little chocolates in colorful tissue paper pouches and gave them to friends and classmates. I put them in the choir cubbies, too. I started singing with the “Singing Valentines,” delivering Doo-wop love songs to kids in the middle of their classes. I started spreading the love, and it made Valentine’s Day feel like something joyous and generous for the first time.

It would be easy, and valid, to say that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday, a way to sell overpriced candy and flowers to suckers who can’t see through manipulative advertising. But by turning it into a broad celebration of love in all its forms, I think it can be a powerful reminder that #lovetrumpshate.

Love Mert designer, Melissa, is spreading the love this season with her collection of Love pouches and purses made from salvaged and vintage materials in the USA. 

The Love Mert collection combines artistry and attention to detail with responsible sourcing, so base materials are local, upcycled, or deadstock. As a lover of secondhand and vintage fashion, I appreciate how well the mission of Love Mert aligns with my own. The Love Mert collection is comprised of creative new designs by an American designer, but also utilizes forgotten materials. It’s sustainable in every way because it ties the secondhand market to the artisan market. Plus, by using upcycled leather, the end consumer can rest assured that their purchase did not contribute to animal cruelty. Learn more about Melissa’s inspiration and design here.

Ethical Details: Hat – Vintage via Low in Charlottesville; Sweater – Everlane; Jeans – old, redyed; Boots – Po-Zu; Necklace – Hands Producing Hope; Love Pouch in Brushed Gold/Gold – c/o Love Mert

I paired the Love Pouch in Brushed Gold/Gold with a seed necklace by Hands Producing Hope and a lovely little 1960s hat I picked up at a local vintage store. I don’t dress up very often these days, but I think that the hot pink sweater paired with vintage-inspired accessories makes for a Valentine’s Day appropriate look without all the fuss.

The Love Mert pouch comes in several colors and retails for $32.00. If you’re looking for a purse instead, Melissa makes Love Bags, too! You can see all the colors by going to the Handbags category of the site.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Galentines Day)? What are your traditions?


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