8 Ethical + Minimalist Spring Pieces

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Lovers of clean lines and streamlined color palettes, this one’s for you: 8 beautiful, ethical pieces from established fair trade and transparent companies at reasonable price points for the quality and construction.

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People Tree Alana Jumpsuit, $121.50

Why It’s Ethical: Organic cotton, fair trade, supports female artisans

People Tree Marsha Top, $81.00

Why It’s Ethical: Organic cotton, fair trade, supports artisans.

Tribe Alive Open Back Tank, $98.00

Why It’s Ethical: Fair trade, supports artisan craft tradition in Guatemala.

Passion Lillie Dynamic Blue Top via Grove & Bay, $41.95

Why It’s Ethical: Fair trade, uses low impact dyes and low water weaving process.

Thought Iris Tencel Denim Dress, £69.90

Why It’s Ethical: Fair labor, made with sustainable tencel and organic cotton.

IMBY Amelia Cropped Culottes, $108.00

Why It’s Ethical: Made in the USA with a sustainable modal/cotton blend

Fortress of Inca Abby Jane Flats, $230

Why It’s Ethical: Fair trade, leather sourced as byproduct from local meat industry in Peru.

Bourgeois Boheme Kim Cork Sneaker, $180.00

Why It’s Ethical: Recycled sole, organic cotton laces, sustainable cork upper, ethical labor, vegan.

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