The Moral Wardrobe: Something Old, Something New

Ethical Details: Top – old; Cardigan – old H&M; Skirt – thrifted; Sandals – Melissa via Bead & Reel*
The best outfits combine old favorites with new staples. This top is from a conventional brand, but it’s going on year 3 this season. The cardigan is at least 4 years old. And the skirt, though it’s new to me, was likely produced at least 10 years ago judging by the style and size. I picked it up for $1 at my shop’s end of season sale. I purchased the sandals from ethical boutique, Bead & Reel. 
The fall and winter seasons necessitate a uniform of sorts because the primary goal is warmth. On almost any day from November to March, you’ll find me wearing a bright sweater layered over an Everlane tee, plus a pair of skinny jeans and boots. But then warm weather hits and it’s suddenly possible to experiment with new silhouettes. It’s a little overwhelming and I often end up trying out things that don’t stick. 
This year, I’m trying to stay true to the colors and patterns that I know I’ll wear, and limit the number of “Oh, this is fun!” items I purchase. To that end, I’m sticking with simple skirts, unfussy patterns, lots of blues and stripes, and cropped denim. Though complicated outfits can look great, I know that I’m likely to avoid anything that needs adjusting during the day. 

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