Live The Give: Cut-to-Flatter Tops That Aid in Education

This post was sponsored by Live the Give and I received 2 items for review.

When I was a kid, I was really into school.

So into it, in fact, that one time, when my parents were going to let me stay home after taking me to a concert the night before, I woke up, gave my mom a lecture about the importance of attendance, and insisted that she take me in for the day even though school had started a few hours before. I think I both embarrassed and confounded her.

I was – and maybe you won’t be surprised to hear this – a dedicated student and teacher’s pet who spent recesses filing papers for my teachers on occasion. I couldn’t help myself: I was nurtured and challenged by brilliant, thoughtful teachers who gave it their all in a system that often felt stacked against them.

I know I was lucky. Not everyone in the US has a safe, supportive, academically rigorous experience of school. When you expand that out to the world, things start to look even bleaker…

Ethical Details: High Neck Tank – c/o Live the Give; Skirt – thrifted; Necklace – c/o Bought Beautifully (old); Shoes – Mawu Lolo

Hundreds of millions of school age children are not able to attend school, whether due to gender-based prejudice, poverty, or lack of infrastructure. But education is the key to eliminating poverty:

International organizations like the U.N. agree that education is a fundamental human right, as well as the most effective way to break generational cycles of poverty. Educated citizens earn more income over their lifetime, which boosts economic growth in entire nations. War and political instability are reduced when more citizens have a quality education and can have an impact on their governments. In terms of societal benefits, education has been shown to promote gender equality and the overall wellbeing of children.  Providing a quality education for all children is among the best ways to make a difference in our world for the better. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

With this in mind, Najat Murillo, an elementary school teacher, founded Live the Give, a conscious clothing line for women and men with a mission to make school accessible to children around the world. 

Live the Give products are made in WRAP certified factories, which ensures that they follow a minimum standard regarding safety and labor (i.e. no child or forced labor, proper safety regulations, right to collective bargaining, etc.). While this standard can vary by country of production, it does mean that factories are regularly audited to ensure that laws are being followed, which happens few and far between across the global supply chain. Additionally, $3 from the sale of each item supports education initiatives. 

Ethical Details: Vintage Tee – c/o Live the Give; Shoes – thrifted; Necklace – c/o Nomads Clothing (old); Shoes – c/o Mawu Lolo

Live the Give sent me two styles to review: the High Neck Tank in Heather Stone and the Vintage Tee in Black
I had been anxious to try out the high neck silhouette for awhile now, and I really like the cut on this one. Drapey but still tailored, with a pretty French seam in the back, it can be dressed up or down. As a small-busted woman, I am careful about necklines. When I bend down, I generally try not to expose the world. This silhouette works really well for me because it shows off some skin without being scandalous. 
The Vintage Tee is hands-down the best fitting u-neck top I’ve tried, ever. It’s neither too low nor too high, and feels feminine even in its simplicity. The hems are intentionally roughed up to add a bit of interest, and the cut fits close to the body without being tight. I have a lot of trouble finding basic tees that fit me well, so I’m definitely going to be a repeat shopper at Live the Give. 
Right now, Live the Give’s tees are made out of standard poly/cotton blends, but Najat plans to incorporate organic and recycled fibers in the near future. 

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