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This week, it’s all about Gorpcore, the art of perpetually dressing like you’re about to go on a hike. Coined by The Cut, as far as I can tell, it’s named after a trail mix blend featuring “good old raisins and peanuts,” and is viewed as the next phase of Normcore, the art of perpetually dressing like a normal human being.

Charlottesvillians have been dressing this way since long before I moved here, so I’m really excited to say that I live in a place that was at the forefront of a fashion trend. Hooray for mountain towns! I love the eccentricity and downright absurdity of fashion, and really, I love dressing like I’m perpetually going on a hike, so this works well for me. All but the first item are things I own (and am wearing today).

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1 | Ember & Aura Sol Earrings, $30 (on sale)

I wanted to feature something from Ember & Aura because they sell the best artisan made stuff, including these minimalist earrings. And they’re doing a 40% off sale right now! All clothing and accessories on sale with code, 40summer.

2 | OESH 3-D Printed Athena Sandals, $135

Made in Charlottesville with biodegradable pellets and locally sourced straps, these are super comfy and versatile.

3 | Patagonia Kids Refugio Backpack, $49

Someone donated this to the thrift shop and I snapped it up to use as a mini backpack. It’s great for an afternoon hike and has room for a full size water bottle, camera, sunscreen, snacks, and a phone with a little room left over.

4 | Everlane Cotton Striped Tee Dress, $38

I bought this last summer and wear it on super hot days like the one we’re having today. It feels like pajamas, but the details make it suitable for casual day wear. I’m leaving for a church retreat this afternoon, so it’ll be great for the drive and porch sitting later on.

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