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Review: Soul Flower’s Evocative New Flow Collection

This post was monetarily supported by Soul Flower and I received items for review. All opinions are my own.

When I hear the word flow I envision a spring fed stream – its water chiming over rocks – set low in a forest with glimmers of sunlight peeking in through the canopy above. 

This image encapsulates peace for me. That fissure where cool, clear water comes up from a dark, hidden underground, reminding me that the unknown doesn’t need to be feared, that the earth is verdant and God called it good, that I’m another tiny mammal set in a big world, overjoyed at a watering hole and plants that provide good food and sunlight that warms my rattled bones. Flow is the paradoxically majestic and simple fact of being alive, and feeling that alive-ness in your core.

Soul Flower‘s new Flow collection is fittingly named. I wore two pieces from the collection at a weekend retreat nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and they felt right at home.

The Flow Collection consists of a simple cardigan, wide leg pants, and a layering skirt intended to add ease to your everyday activities, whether it’s yoga, dance, lounging, or sitting down and writing a blog post. Soul Flower’s pieces are made fairly with organic cotton (with a bit of stretch for longevity) and low impact dyes, so they tick all the boxes for me.

They sent me the roll top pants and layering skirt to review…

Flowy Pants in Gray, Size Medium | $56

I love the dramatic silhouette of these pants. The cotton is a bit thicker than your typical lounge/yoga pants, which means they’re totally opaque and feel more supportive around the midsection. I like the color blocking, too. These are a really good fit in a size Medium. The pants do tend to wrinkle at the widest part of the leg, which could be fixed with some ironing, but for most leisure activities, that doesn’t pose a problem.

These are really the ideal work-from-home pants. I’m prone to folding my legs up under me while I work, so leggings that feel tight at the knee aren’t the best option. The wide leg on these means they won’t constrict blood flow to my extremities.

Grade: A+

Ruched Mini Skirt, Size Medium | $36

This mini skirt is intended as both a layering option and a standalone piece, but my big butt made that an impossibility. Admittedly, I don’t have the “standard” body type for yoga clothing. But the skirt is still a great option for me, because I’m always a bit nervous about wearing leggings as pants, even in an exercise setting. As a modesty layer, this works great, and makes me feel more at ease in my body. It fits tight enough to not be cumbersome, but doesn’t feel restrictive.

I’m wearing the skirt over Soul Flower’s Stirrup Leggings, which I reviewed here.

Grade: A

You can purchase items from the Flow Collection in three different color stories and there are screen printed versions, as well. See the full collection on the New Arrivals page.

I see Soul Flower as one of the best values out there when it comes to fair trade, organic clothing. The price point is where it should be and the clothing is of really high quality. That can be quite difficult to find in a market that is still working to define its standards and its marketing strategy. You can read more on Soul Flower’s ethics here.

Read my previous review here.

Shop Soul Flower here. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.