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10 Ethical + Slow Living Bloggers You Need To Follow

Back in the day, being an ethical blogger was kind of lonely. 

I “met” a few fellow conscious consumers through WordPress, but for the most part, I felt like I was talking to myself. Not so any longer. There are hundreds of slow living, conscious, vegan, eco, and ethical bloggers out there, and I like to think I’ve heard of most of them. I also follow quite a few of them. It’s really helpful to hear about new ethical brands and get fresh perspectives on this work, to step outside of the echo chamber that is my overactive mind, and see what others have to say about the state of the fashion industry, blogging, and mindful living.

Here’s my in-exhaustive list of ethical and slow living bloggers that provide great insight and high quality content on everything ethical, thoughtful, and slow. Though there are several others I could name, these are the ones I turn to based on their originality, aesthetic, post frequency, and usefulness.

Leotie Lovely

Holly is one of my dearest ethical blogger friends. Her in depth analysis, attention to detail, and stunning photos (shot by her husband) make her blog and Instagram worth a look.


Alden’s day job is as a journalist, primarily writing on sustainability and women’s issues. Her professional background means she brings a no nonsense, well researched approach to this niche, which is incredibly important.

Life Style Justice

Hannah is the first ethical blogger I met in real life! Her passion for social justice led her to the Philippines, where she and her husband assist with social enterprise, A Beautiful Refuge. Her perspective “on the ground” challenges me and keeps me from becoming apathetic.

Tortoise & Lady Grey

Summer’s focus is on sustainable textiles, and she does an incredible amount of work to ensure that the posts she shares are accurate and will move the industry forward.

Simply Liv & Co

I just discovered Olivia’s blog. Her perspective as a young mother with a deeply rooted call to pursue ethics and authenticity are inspiring to me.

A Day Pack

Also a new discovery for me, Emily and her husband share ethical brands in a cheerful way, and their Instagram feed showcases bright, beautiful photography.

Sustainably Chic

A veteran in the sustainable fashion world, Natalie features ethical, eco, and sustainable brands with a relatable voice and spot-on photography.

Grechen’s Closet

I appreciate Grechen’s stream-of-consciousness posting style and her focus on chatting about shopping and finding what works for her.

Selva Beat

The Selva Beat team focuses on creative, helpful approaches to living a vegan, palm oil free life without being preachy. I’m obsessed with their ’90s zine aesthetic.

Seasons + Salt

Andrea’s another longtime read. She focuses on capsule-ish dressing and prioritizes a lot of ethical, indie-made brands, with weekly outfit check-ins.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.