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Inside an Ethical Wardrobe: Summer 2017

Hey! I actually managed to photograph two seasons of wardrobe items in a row.

I actually wanted to do my first video now that I have a camera with recording capabilities, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the sound going (maybe I need a microphone?), so photos it is.

As I always mention, I don’t do capsule wardrobes because I’m a big believer in versatility and layering. My style is cohesive enough across seasons that a lot of basics, like t-shirts, can be worn year round. This, however, doesn’t represent everything I own. I focused on the things I’ve actually been wearing throughout the summer and disregarded those aspirational items that don’t suit my lifestyle.

I’ve linked to items that are currently available for purchase. This post contains some affiliate links.

Left to Right: Thrifted Shorts | NeoThread Co. Tee | GlobeIn Hat | Mawu Lolo Suborsubor Sandals | Elegantees Giselle Top | Thrifted Skirt
New this season: Shorts, Tee, Sandals, Skirt

Clockwise from Top Left: Everlane V-neck | United by Blue Tank | Thrifted | Everlane V-neck | Everlane Striped Crew | Logo Tee from Retreat Center (not ethical) | Thrifted Stripes (similar) | Everlane V-neck | Everlane Linen (similar) | Old Tee

New this season: Logo tee, bought to commemorate my time at my favorite retreat center

Thrifted Skirt | Thrifted Shorts | Thrifted and Cropped Shorts | Krochet Kids Prescott Maxi Skirt

New this season: Skirts and one pair of shorts

New this season: Pyne & Smith Dress

New this season: All items

New this season: Live the Give Tank and Songa Designs Sarong
Not shown: YSTR Jumpsuit, Vintage Sunflower Dress, Live the Give Vintage Tee, Wide Leg Cropped Jeans, Thrifted Denim Skirt

My Favorite Pieces: Deux Mains Sandals, Smockwalker Vintage Romper, Love Justly Kimono Jacket

What I Learned About Style This Season

I am a creature of habit and will almost always choose ease over a perfectly crafted outfit. Tees and simple accessories are the basis of my wardrobe, and I’m ok with that. I do like an interesting or unusual dress, though, and summer is the perfect time to wear printed and embroidered dresses. To my surprise, I haven’t been as into skirts this year. I’ve been relying instead on wide cut pants that provide some airflow while allowing me to bend over, sit on the ground, and do whatever else I need to do at work.
More than anything, I’m enjoying wearing sandals every single day.

See other seasons here. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.