12 Handmade + Budget Friendly Wall Hangings

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When I sat down to “research” (aka, window shop) for this post, I didn’t expect it to take 2 hours, but it turns out there are a lot of great weavings out there. 

I’ve been into weavings and wall hangings (like everyone else on the internet) for the past several months, but the passion became personal after I created my own mini weaving with a kit from Uncommon Goods. While I would love to keep up the craft, I’ll need to purchase a larger loom to make more expansive pieces, so I plan to wait a few months (need to get my savings account in better order before I make a big craft purchase).

When one of the respondents to my Reader Survey asked for more Etsy features, this seemed like the perfect topic to start with. Weavings are abundant on Etsy, and almost every item featured here is handmade by small scale shop owners.

 UNDER $50

ED London, £40.00 | Ten Thousand Villages, $34.99 | Dutch Macrame, $30.65 | My Cozy Studio, $32.90

UNDER $100

UNDER $200  

Hello Hydrangea, $150 | Sarah Harste, $198 | East Parlor, $175 | Jungle and Spritz, $152.65

Which one is your favorite?

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