Help Me Out! Take the StyleWise Reader Survey

It’s that time of year again…time for the StyleWise Reader Survey!

Your responses to last year’s survey were illuminating, and helped me get a good sense of who you are and what you’re interested in.

As a result of your answers, I offered more resources on affordable clothing, discussed vegetarianism, wrote a piece on religion and ideology, shared some guest posts on fabric sourcing and ethical investing, continued to talk about broader social justice issues (especially in light of Charlottesville), gave you some thrift shopping tips, and discussed what it’s like to run a monetized blog.

In short, your responses not only helped me cater content to suit your unique needs, it gave me the courage to step outside of the status quo and share essays and resources on a variety of interrelated topics. It also exposed blind spots in my own thinking and inspired creative thinking.

So, thank you! I’ve embedded the survey below for you convenience. Answers aren’t mandatory, but your short answers are particularly useful to me (as are the budget ones, as they help me decide what brands to work with). If you want to mention anything else, feel free to leave comments directly on this blog post.

If you’re completing it from your phone or tablet, you may want to click this link instead.


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