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The Moral Wardrobe: What I Wore on a Saturday

Ethical Details: High Neck Tank Top – c/o Live the Give; Blue Tank Top – thrifted; Megan Cardigan – c/o Liz Alig; Boots – thrifted; Jeans – #30wears

Not much to say other than that I really enjoyed myself a couple Saturdays ago. The weather was perfect (73 degrees), so Daniel and I ate outside, then headed to the Downtown Mall for a stroll. Later in the afternoon, we met up with some friends to bowl and eat pho, a belated celebration of my 29th birthday.

I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of this Live the Give tank because the cut isn’t suitable for work, but I think I can pull it off by layering a tank top under it to make it a bit more modest and cover my bra straps. I think the high cut neckline is really flattering.

In case you were wondering when I’m going to post an Everlane* denim review, I’m not, for now. The first pair I ordered was way too tight in the hips, which made it impossible to button them up. By the time I got them in the mail, everything was backordered until November.  If I can get enough store credit, I might purchase several pairs to sample when they come back into stock, but for now I’m happy with my locally purchased (and not very ethical) jeans.

P.S. Neo-nazis showed up in Charlottesville again this weekend. Fortunately, they disbursed their torch lit rally after about 15 minutes without any (physical) violence. State and local representatives are trying to figure out how to stop this from happening, but free speech and assembly laws and rather lax gun (and torch?) laws have made it very difficult to push back. Local clergy and activists were present near the synagogue during Sukkot services because police detail was, inexplicably, denied. I was out in the countryside enjoying dinner with friends at the time, so didn’t hear about it until much later in the evening. I wanted to share what I know in order to correct any misinformation you may receive from national news coverage and/or twitter.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.