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The Moral Wardrobe: Blending In & Sticking Out

Ethical Details: Top – c/o ABLE; Cardigan – c/o Liz Alig (worn here); Jeans – #30wears; Boots – Birkenstock; Hair Sticks – c/o SAYA Designs

Navy and mustard is one of my favorite color combinations, but I especially love mustard when it blends in with the fall leaves. Last weekend, I went a little wild taking blog photos because I could sense that it was probably peak leaf time. This week has been dark and rainy and the trees are responding by rapidly dropping all of their leaves. Trees are just incredible to me: at once fragile and strong, controlled by outside forces and totally self assured. I know there’s probably a limit to how much I can anthropomorphize them without sounding ridiculous, but I’m very thankful for trees for being the strong, silent type in a world full of noise.

This happens to be the perfect segue (a completely unintentional one, I swear) to talking about these hair sticks. SAYA Designs’ hair pieces are made of hardwood salvaged from old Indonesian plantations. They’re handcrafted by Balinese artisans. Using recycled wood ensures that slow growth hardwood forests are not over-harvested, but SAYA also partners with GAYA in central Java to plant native trees in protected forests. It’s tree love in a circular economy.

Learn more about SAYA Designs here. Shop hair sticks here.

P.S. Since my hair is short and straight, I had to use a couple bobby pins to secure my bun. If you have longer or textured hair, the sticks and other hair pieces will stay in place on their own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.