The Moral Wardrobe: Hot Fuzz

Ethical Details: Sweater – old; Thermal Shirt – thrifted; Jeans thrifted; Boots – old

Oldies but goodies…

I bought this H&M fuzzy sweater in 2013, back when I thought H&M was the pinnacle of ethical labor standards. Turns out, that’s not really true and, at its massive scale, there’s no way it’s ecologically sustainable either. Still, this sweater has been a worn and loved for many years now. It’s incredibly soft, quite dense, and really fun to wear. I paired it with some boots I purchased a few years ago for something like $15 at a Ross store in a neighboring town. Not ethical at all (they’re Steve Madden), but the pleather is completely water proof and there’s ample toe room, so they work well with thick wool socks.

I originally intended to resell these vintage jeans in my now defunct vintage shop. No one purchased them after several months, so they were tucked away in storage until I pulled them out last winter. They fit me so well and have stretch in them, so they’re tolerable to wear, unlike many mom jeans.

Just goes to show that sometimes purchases that look like ethical mistakes can still be put to good use. The important thing is to love them and wear them!

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