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Inside an Ethical Wardrobe: Fall/Winter 2017

My Fall/Winter wardrobe is pretty formulaic. Put on a soft cotton tee, layer up with a wool or cashmere sweater, add some dark wash jeans, then throw on a coat and boots. I am definitely a boot person, so I’m quite content with a simple outfit if it means I get to wear a cool pair of boots with it. 
With the exception of an Everlane Puffer Coat, a scarf, a kimono jacket, and Oliberte Chelsea boots, items have been in my wardrobe for at least a few months. Most are carry-overs from the last several years. Winter is just an easier season for getting dressed, I think, because the priority is being warm. As long as you have good coats and footwear, you’re basically set.
In lieu of taking photos of all of my possessions, I decided to make a graphic this time around. Items are in order from left to right, top to bottom, and things that aren’t shown are marked below. Let me know if you have any questions. This list contains a few affiliate links.

My Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Layering Tees: 

Everlane V-neck
Everlane Striped Tee
Everlane U-neck
Krochet Kids Grace Striped Organic Tee
Krochet Kids Naomi Organic Cotton Tee
Not shown: Thrifted Long Sleeve Tees (similar)


Everlane Cashmere
Thrifted Eileen Fisher Alpaca Sweater (similar)
Everlane Wool-Cashmere Cardigan
Not shown: Thrifted Cashmere Cardigan (similar)

Kimono Jackets:

Hackwith Design House Easy Kimono (in Auburn – waiting to purchase until late December)
Love Justly Kimono Jacket


LL Bean (not ethical, but they fit and have a lifetime warranty)


Thrifted Toggle Coat (similar)
Thrifted Long Army Green Coat (similar)
Everlane Swing Trench
Everlane Long Puffer Jacket


Everlane Cashmere Scarf


Oliberte Zulira Boots
Po-Zu Alma L Boots
All Birds Wool Runners
Thrifted LL Bean Snow Boots (similar)
Not shown: Thrifted Sam Edelman Petty Boots (similar)
Not shown: Faux Leather Combat Boots (similar)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.