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Reviews in Review: 2017 Edition

Some of you have asked if I would revisit some of my reviews to give you an idea of how I use (or if I still use) the things I’ve talked about on this blog.

That is a GREAT idea, because it helps me assess my own commitment to sustainability. I’ve decided to share several items that I have continued to use long after the review went live. I didn’t list all items, because that would simply take too long. Instead, I’m featuring things that have proven to be real staples in my wardrobe.

This one will be extra long, as it’s the first of its kind, but I will try to remember to do this once a year. (Also, sorry for the lack of updated photos. That would take WAY too long.)

If it’s listed below, it means I use or wear it all the time and feel that it truly encapsulates my style and fits into my current wardrobe.

Nomads Tunic
Eshakti Dress

Greenheart Shop Crossbody
Synergy Organic Clothing Beatrice Dress
Hands Producing Hope Shalom Necklace

United by Blue Avalon Tank
ABLE Tigist Crossbody
OESH Sandals
Abrazo Style Dress
Ash & Rose Essentials

Amalou Felted Bag
Sharon Z Silver Spear Earrings
Ember & Aura Moon Phases Necklace
Smockwalker Vintage Romper
Mawu Lolo Sandals
Soul Flower Leggings
Love Justly Kimono Jacket

*For 2017, I only included items I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of. Other items may make the cut in next year’s review post after I’ve had more months to use them. 

This exercise has shown me that I tend to be very confident about my taste in accessories and bags and a little less so with clothing. Still, over the last two years especially, I’ve gotten much better at selecting things that I know I’ll continue to use. I also have quite a few thrifted items I’ve been wearing for 2+ years.

Let me know if you have questions about specific items I’ve reviewed that aren’t listed here. You can peruse the Personal Style category to find more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.