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The Moral Wardrobe: Far Out Sleeves & Perfect Ethical Booties

Ethical Details:
Tunic – c/o Soul Flower; Jeans – #30wears; Boots – Fortress of Inca 

Over the last several years of trying to shop more ethically, I feel like I’ve done a great job of finding high quality basics that serve as building blocks for the rest of my wardrobe (thanks to Everlane, Po-zu, and thrifted finds). But I’ve also lost a lot of the zest and creativity that used to define my personal style.

I was immediately taken with this patterned tunic from Soul Flower because it spoke to my desire to rediscover some of the fun without compromising on ethics or comfort. Since I have an ongoing relationship with the Soul Flower team, they graciously offered to send me one. Exaggerated bell sleeves and a low cut back make this piece really special, but the soft cotton knit fabric and modest-cut front make it wearable in almost any context. So far, I’ve worn it to church and Thanksgiving dinner, but I plan to bring it down with me to Florida this week to get even more use out of it. (For reference, my measurements are 34-28-39 and I got a size Medium)

In the new year, one of my fashion goals is to continue seeking out fun things that make my wardrobe me. I intend to rely mostly on secondhand options, but it’s good to know there are companies making cool stuff at reasonable price points.

I also recently purchased the Briana Boots from Fortress of Inca (Fortress of Inca provided a discount in exchange for blog coverage). I’ve set aside a bit of my work bonus money for investment buys because I realize that my income situation may be stretched over the next few years (more on that later this week) and it makes sense to stock up on timeless, high quality, work-appropriate things while I can. These were immensely comfortable right out of the box and the low heel is quite walkable. Liv at Simply Liv & Co reviewed a pair of Fortress of Inca boots a few months ago and said the same thing, so I trust that the whole brand is pretty spot-on when it comes to quality and comfort. (For reference, I got a 38, which is their size 8, and the fit is true to size)

All that to say that I’m starting to have fun and find clarity when it comes to what works for me and I’m excited to move into next year with a clear head. Ethical fashion is broad enough for most tastes, it just takes awhile to find what you’re looking for.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.