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Ethical Style Notes: How I Plan My *Flexible* Capsule

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Read about my flexible capsule here.

Thinking about what I’ll wear in warmer weather is, all things considered, a fairly healthy coping mechanism for enduring these final days of winter.

There are a few silhouettes and colors I’ve been drawn to since last summer that I’m hoping to add to or revive in my warm weather wardrobe this year. I’ve made a few purchases already, and there are plenty of things from last year that I will continue to wear, but I need to think about updating some of my basic tees, as the Everlane ones I’ve had for several years are beginning to show too much wear. Since the cotton tends to be thin to begin with, I’m thinking of trying tees from American Giant or Fair Indigo this year.

I’m also A LOT more focused on buying as much as possible on the secondhand market, so some of the items I plan to purchase, while not ethically produced, will be sourced secondhand so as not to contribute to further demand for new products. I’ve come to terms with the fact that some secondhand, conventional-brand items are more likely to suit my needs than sub-par swaps produced “ethically.”

I use Pinterest to find and save outfit inspiration, so I’ve embedded my Spring/Summer Wardrobe Inspiration Pinterest board below. Interestingly, this board represents years of pinning, but the themes stay almost the same.

Predominant Themes for Spring & Summer Personal Style:

Colors: Burnt Orange, Green, Blue, Mustard Yellow

Silhouettes: Full Midi Skirts, Crew neck tees, ’90s Dresses, Cropped jeans

Patterns: Stripes, Gingham, Small Floral

Sandals: Black and Taupe woven and minimalist styles

What I’ve Purchased So Far:

I’m basically done shopping for the upcoming season. I bought a couple of ’90s dresses, a pair of suede gladiator sandals, Teva black classics, an orange midi skirt, and couple of striped tees secondhand. I also purchased a pair of Everlane slide sandals in green with shop credits and black Huarache sandals from Nisolo (I’m really sticking to my colors and patterns here!). I already have lots of basic tees and three pairs of cropped jeans. 

What I Plan To Purchase:

I cannot get enough of burnt orange these days. I think I’ll purchase one new item in this color and thrift a midi skirt (I have one coming from People Tree, too, which I’ll feature soon).
For the committed minimalists, this may sound like a lot, but what I realized last season is that a lot of my wardrobe – but particularly shoes – were things I purchased because they were on sale and not because they suited my style or my comfort needs. This is my second shopping season of radical honesty with myself about what I’ll wear and what I want to say with my clothes, so I should be able to ease up by next season. 
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Photos by Allef Vinicius and Henri Pham on Unsplash

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.