Inside an Ethical Wardrobe: Spring 2018

I confess I got a little ahead of myself this season and stocked up on tons of sandals even though it snowed only last week. For that reason, I decided to go ahead and split up my Capsule posts into spring and summer. The clothes will (mostly) stay the same, but the shoes will change with warmer weather.

As always, I have to add the disclaimer that I’m not a *true* capsule wardrobe person. I believe in flexible dressing – removing and adding things as needed – but I have started moving off-season items and other things I’ve grown bored with out of sight in order to curb my need for novelty. You can read more about that here.

This season, I’ve stayed very true to my style inspiration and color palette, and I’m looking forward to wearing old and new things that feel fresh and match the flowering trees and lime-colored spring leaves. I’ve also developed a pretty clear cut set of formulas, similar to last season: plain tee + skirt, striped tee + jeans, or vintage dress.

The graphic above represents a mix of exact wardrobe items and references to thrifted and older items I’ve picked up over time.

My Mostly Ethical, Always Thoughtful Spring Capsule

Items with an asterisk (*) next to them were purchased this season. Other items were purchased in previous seasons. Contains affiliate links.


Pants & Skirts:

Cardigans & Jackets:

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