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#FashRev Week | #Haulternative DIY: Fringed Denim

Denim provided by Smockwalker Vintage.

See yesterday’s #Haulternative post here.

This season’s fringed denim trend is screaming for a DIY. I mean, there’s literally no reason to go buy someone else’s (likely a sweatshop worker’s) upcycling project when there’s such an abundance of denim on the secondhand market. Justina at Smockwalker Vintage provided these groovy green jeans with a super high waist for a fringed denim DIY.

Fringed Vintage Denim

What You’ll Need:

  • Vintage, thrifted, or pre-owned denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, pen, or chalk for marking the denim

To Make:

  1. Lay the jeans on a flat surface (I used the floor). Carefully cut off the bottom hem. I cropped mine to right above the ankle.
  2. Determine how long you want your fringe to be, then carefully mark the top edge on each leg. I eyeballed mine, then created a small pen mark on each leg.
  3. Carefully cut quarter inch strips all the way around each leg. Tip: pay attention to where the side seams are and try to make them their own distinct strips.
  4. To get looser, more distinct fringe, wet the denim, then run them through the dryer.

How to Choose Your Denim: You can really choose whatever silhouette you want, but I like the way these straight fit jeans turned out. This vintage cut can feel a bit frumpy because the cut is so wide down the leg, but the fringe makes the shape look more intentional.

Ethical Details: Tee – Everlane; Jeans – upcycled via Smockwalker Vintage; Sandals – Everlane


Justina actually fringed some denim for me, but they were a bit too small, so I’ve decided to give her pair away. Please note, there’s only one pair in one size, so check the measurements before entering.

To enter, find this photo on Instagram (@stylewiseblog) and follow the instructions!

If you end up doing a #haulternative this week, Justina and I would love to see it! Tag @stylewiseblog and @smockwalkervintage on Instagram!

Learn more about Fashion Revolution Week here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.