The Moral Wardrobe: A Vintage Blue Dress

Ethical Details: Dress – Low Vintage (local); Sandals – Melissa via Bead & Reel
That’s what I feel this morning after a long day yesterday. After work, we had our bi-monthly board meeting (I’m happy to report that the board voted to let me reduce my total work hours so I have more time to blog and freelance), then I headed downtown for a quick dinner before a long choir dress rehearsal. 
I’m in a small women’s ensemble and our concert is scheduled for Sunday. There are 11 of us and I’m the only true first soprano, which means I’m the only one on my part for several of the songs (and I have three solos! Ahh!). It’s been a good challenge, but I’m very afraid of losing my voice either before or during the concert. There was also a communication snafu that left us wondering if we were even going to have a venue, so of course I went home and ranted about it on the phone to my parents for an hour, putting my voice even more at risk. Today I’m trying to speak as little as possible. 
Both pine and oak are shedding masses of pollen, too, so my eyes are constantly watering and my Eustachian tubes aren’t regulating themselves very well. The stress is overwhelming and I just want to sleep.
In news that is actually related to this blog, my E-book on ethical lifestyle blogging is live on Etsy now. I’ll be posting about it more once all the testimonials are in.

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