Everlane Review: Easy Chino

Everlane Easy Chino Review with pictures stylewise-blog.com
Everlane Easy Chino Review with pictures stylewise-blog.com
Everlane Easy Chino Review with pictures stylewise-blog.com

Ethical Details: Top – thrifted; Pants – Everlane Easy Chino in Ochre (waitlisted in this color, but there are other colors still available); Sandals – Deux Mains

I bought the Everlane Easy Chino after seeing how much Elaine at Temporary-House Wifey liked them. Though, for the most part, I’ve ceased using my referral link, I still occasionally get shop credit when people click through old reviews and make their first purchase, so I had some credit to use up.

My opinion on Everlane’s ethicality hasn’t changed since I originally discovered them, but I think the ethical fashion movement as a whole has developed firmer policies about what makes something sustainable. That’s a good thing, but the fact remains that Everlane has really allowed me to transform my closet into something timeless and high quality.

I pair my Everlane core pieces with artisan goods and lots of thrifted finds for something that feels totally me. I am so happy with my wardrobe right now and that contributes to my ability to stay the course when it comes to reducing overall consumption.

That being said, I have decided to only purchase Everlane’s cotton pieces in order to at least reduce my dependence on synthetics, which don’t biodegrade and often leech into water sources. I also had the opportunity to visit their Prince Street store in NYC last week and I didn’t really like the feel of their Go-Weave; it just feels like woven polyester, which, of course, is all it is.

First Impressions

So, I knew going into this purchase that the Easy Chinos were a barely updated version of elasticized pants elderly women wear. And props to them: they are comfortable and appropriate to wear outside the house. I do find it a bit silly to buy new things that look like things you could buy at the thrift store, but these are nice because they’re 100% cotton, whereas most of this style marketed to the older crowd are made of polyester. The front crease is also really old-school and I probably won’t make an effort to re-crease them after washing.

Fit & Quality

For me, these fit true to size, but I know that varies depending on body type. I bought my usual 6 and the fit is spot-on. Some have said that the Easy Chinos are too bulky at the front and don’t lay flat, but after looking at the way the models on the site wear them, I’ve determined that they aren’t supposed to fit at the smallest part of the waist, but rather slouch a bit at mid-rise.

These are super comfy and the fabric quality is superb – a soft but structured woven cotton. The elastic at the waist is also sewn in, so it won’t get bent out of shape when washing.



Size Purchased:


My Measurements:

29″ waist, 39″ hips

True to size?


The ochre color is on backorder with an October release date, but these are still available in other colors.

Shop the Everlane Easy Chino here.

Everlane easy chino in ochre review with pictures stylewise-blog.com

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